• Jim Froy is the owner and runs the store with his sister Nancy.
  • Jim’s father (Mort) during and after highschool worked with his uncle (Murphy) at a shop he owned on the southside of Chicago in the mid early 50s. The name was SouthPark Loan Company. School of hard knocks lol. Mort became a partner. Mort grew the business in the 60s and 70s. Mort became a serial entrepreneur and was a partner in several pawn shops across the Chicagoland Area. 4 to be exact.
  • Jim worked at SouthPark Loan Company while he was in high school along with his brother. Jim went to University of Iowa and decided that he wanted to be a pawn broker in 1985. Mort semi retired the day Jim walked through the doors to come help the family business. Mort trained Jim on how to run the store. 
  • Mort passed away in 1988 and Jim ran the store for several years after.
  • Jim was presented the opportunity to acquire (Purchase) Clark Pawners and Jewelers in 1990. Clark Pawners and Jewelers was a business that was established in 1969. Jim officially purchased Clark Pawners and Jewelers in 1990. 
  • For 30 years Clark Pawners and Jewelers has maintained the multiple generations of clientele from SouthPark Loan Company as well as Clark Pawners and Jewelers. Since 1990 Clark Pawners and Jewelers has been updated, remodeled and redesigned with a modern showroom. 
  • Our key employees have worked anywhere from 25 to 30 years for the company. 
  • Relationships with customers is VERY important. Mostly on a first name basis. They treat you like family. That’s why they are invited to weddings, funerals etc…

Contact Clark Pawners & Jewelers: 773-974-3533

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