Buy, Sell, And Pawn at Our Retail Pawn Shop In Lincoln Park

Uncover Amazing Deals and Unique Finds at Our Pawn Shop

You’re sure to find a good deal here at our discounted retail store. We have some of the best deals around on electronics, precious metals, antiques, firearms, and men’s and women’s designer accessories. There’s no shortage of lucky finds here in our pawn shop, and our staff makes buying and selling fast and easy.

Why Choose Clark Pawners & Jewelers?

You never know what to expect with eBay, Wish, and other reseller sites. Anyone can steal a picture off the internet and claim that their product is authentic or made out of high-quality materials. The reality is that these sites are buy-at-your-own-risk, and it’s easy to fall into a scammer’s trap.

At our retail pawn shop, we verify and check the authenticity of all our products before putting them on the market. We make sure to disclose any flaws with the item, and we only use pictures that we have taken ourselves.

Better yet, stop into the store and check out the item for yourself up close. 

Our pawn shop has what you need

Pawn For Credit 

If you need quick cash, we’re your one-stop shop. Bring in your item of value, and we will give you the BEST cash loan possible. 

We offer loan terms based on the situation and the market value of the item. Pawning is an easy way to get a loan without negatively impacting your credit score. 

Looking To Sell? 

Well, we’re in the market to buy. We’re always on the hunt for new and lightly used items to add to our inventory. Just drop off your items during store hours here in Lincoln Park, Chicago, and we will PAY YOU for usable items in cash or store credit. Payout is based on what’s currently trending, item condition, and authenticity. 

Contact Clark Pawners & Jewelers: 773-974-3533

are you in need of cash today?

Let us help you the secure the best possible cash loan deal.