Sell Electronics for Cash 

 December 31, 2020

By  Clark Pawners & Jewelers

We at Clark Pawners understand the dire emergencies or those instances simply needing to dispose of unnecessary belongings. Whatever your reason, you can also sell electronics for cash, aside from pieces of jewelry, stones, and watches.

Electronics Accepted at Clark Pawners

sell electronics for cash

We accept most electronics of value:

  • Smartphones, Tablets
  • Laptop
  • Game Consoles (PS4, etc)
  • Guitars
  • Audio Equipment
  • Cameras
  • Drones
  • And more!

Tips to Get the Most Value When You Sell Electronics for Cash

1. Make it look as good as possible.

Presenting a clean item for selling makes it seem well-kept and taken care of. Selling an item that is dirty shows tells the pawnshop that it may also be poorly maintained and possibly not work.

For example, a laptop that is dirty on the outside would seem that it might also have problems with its software.

2. It helps if it is working, especially the important functions.

sell electronics for cash

Pawnshop personnel will not check all functions but will check the most important features. Hence, putting in the fixes for minor kinks will greatly increase value.

Conversely, an item with problems will give the pawnshop a reason to bargain for a lower cost.

3. Present it as complete as possible.

If you have the papers/receipts, instruction manuals, product documentation, warranty receipts, box, etc, it increases the value, so include that whenever possible. Also, don’t forget to include its accessories (cables, remote controls, charger, etc)

Think of it from the other end – will you buy that item in its present condition? Will it fetch the most value? The pawnshop always looks for its potential to sell, so make sure it is in its best condition as possible.

4. When selling your phones or laptops, clean your apps.

Remember that when selling a laptop or phone, especially an iPhone, make sure you wipe off any traces of ownership, otherwise, it cannot be used.

Another important issue is, if you do not clean your apps and files or log out of your accounts, your privacy might also be compromised.

Sell it as if it is a new phone. Log out all accounts. Clean up your apps to a minimum and delete all files. The less, the better, as it gives the impression that the phone is not overly used.

5. Find a reputable seller.

Find a pawnshop that will give you an honest appraisal and fair value, and one that has been on the business for decades.

Here at Clark Pawners, we strive to give a fair and honest appraisal.

Other Items You Can Sell to Us

We also accept other musical equipment, sports equipment and memorabilia, and more!

We accept sports memorabilia

Sell at Clark Pawners Today

We also accept non-electronic items of value. If you are not sure, feel free to contact us so that we can help you the best we can.

Clark Pawners & Jewelers is your trusted pawn shop in Chicago. We buy and sell jewelry, diamonds, gold and more, aside from offering cash loans.

Clark Pawners & Jewelers

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