5 Impressive Watch Collectibles That Will Make Any Collector Drool! 

 November 19, 2020

By  Clark Pawners & Jewelers

What will watch collectors go crazy for? Iconic timepieces that not only tell time, but are luxury items that are rare to find. If you’re a watch aficionado, here some of the impressive collections that will definitely make you drool!

#1 Rolex Submariner

You won’t be a certified watch collector if you don’t own a Rolex. The Rolex Submariner, the first celebrated diving watch, is a must-have for watch enthusiasts. It was first introduced in 1954 as the first watch sealed in a hermetic case (airtight container).

It is also the first watch in the world with a self-winding mechanism and Perpetual rotor; that is why it’s called Oyster Perpetual. The Rolex Submariner is a true icon with an exceptional design, high-end quality, and a symbol of pure luxury. The value of the Rolex Submariner increases over time; that is why collectors drool over it.

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#2 Vacheron Constantin 1972

 Another collector’s watch is Vacheron Constantin 1972 with an engraving on its back “Prestige de la France”. It has an asymmetrical design making it unusual during its original release, but it made the Vacheron Constantin a more interesting piece.

The current collection now mainly comprises models with diamonds and ladies’ watches. The limited-edition 1972 Prestige has 18 jewels, 18k white gold cases, Caliber 1003, and the iconic engraving at the back. Of course, a watch collector must have an iconic timepiece with diamonds.

#3 Luminor PAM 127

The Luminor PAM 127 or otherwise known as the 1950 “Fiddy,” is not technically included in the vintage collection. It is a vintage re-issue of the limited edition 1950 Panerai watch. The Fiddy was released in 2002, and it instantly became one of the most sought after watches of Panerai.

Guess what? Only 1950 pieces were made worldwide of this limited-edition piece, making it every collector’s wishlist. The Luminor PAM 127 became more popular thanks to the Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone, a long-time fan of Panerai watches. With the limited production of Luminor PAM 127, its value increases over time.

#4 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Openworked Ceramic

If you ever see a Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar from Audemars Piguet (AP) up close, it will leave you in awe, and you would definitely want it as a part of your collection. This exquisite 21st-century piece released in 2019 is a fine piece of art with a unique stainless-steel finish, and its ceramic work is one of a kind.

The masterpiece with intricate details has a sapphire dial and an automatic QP engine. Audemars Piguet may not be as popular as Rolex but watch enthusiasts love it due to its limited edition pieces and exclusivity. Rare pieces are what collectors always go for.

#5 Patek Philippe Ref 2499

Last but definitely not the least is the holy grail of watches, the Patek Philippe Ref 2499. This first release of Patek post-war has a perpetual calendar, chronograph, and moon face. There are two platinum-made limited editions in the whole world, and Eric Clapton owns one. The other one is the personal collection of Philippe Stern, the brand owner.

It is known as the greatest wristwatch on the vintage market. The original 1950 Patek Philippe Ref 2499 underwent about four transformations through the 35-year existence in the market. Each release is better than the previous one, and watch aristocrats love what Patek delivers to the industry.

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