Engagement Rings: Myths, Facts, and Your Proposal’s Better Option 

 July 31, 2021

By  Clark Pawners & Jewelers

Pawnshop Engagement Rings

When people get engaged, they naturally want to buy the biggest and best ring that symbolizes their love for each other. Unfortunately, reality quickly sets in the moment you start shopping.

Engagement rings cost a fortune, and for a lot of couples, prohibitively so. In fact, some stores have been known to mark up rings by as much as 300%, or in many cases, even more! Pawnshop engagement rings offer a more affordable, yet equally beautiful and meaningful, alternative to a brand-new diamond ring.

Still on the fence about buying a pre-owned engagement diamond ring? We get it. Here at Clark Pawners and Jewelers, we want you to be happy and confident when buying jewelry from us — especially when it’s something as momentous as an engagement ring. 

In this article, we’ll be dispelling some of the most persistent myths about pawn shop rings, as well as the advantages of buying from a pawn shop instead of the usual jewelry store.

But before we dive into that, why are engagement rings so important anyway?

The Beautiful Symbolism of an Engagement Ring

Pawnshop Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is a symbol of the beautiful journey that two people embark on when they decide to spend their lives together. It represents the dedication, love, and commitment between partners as well as all those who witness it. 

No matter what style you choose for your own proposal – traditional or modern- this precious band will be cherished forever, with its significance only growing deeper over time:

  • It’s a tangible token of a couple’s commitment.

The circle is a symbol of completion, eternity, and promises. Worn as a betrothal ring to represent a lifelong commitment, the most powerful expression of this promise comes from a proposal ring.

It tells the world that a wearer’s heart belongs solely with someone who has committed himself  to be loyal in sickness and health, in a way that’s both visible and tangible.

  • It’s a wonderful reminder of the proposal.

A diamond engagement ring is a physical representation of the moment you said “yes” to your future spouse. When they proposed, it was not just a formality – but also one that came with a beautiful and unique gift for both parties: A reminder of how much they care about each other, and the promise of starting a life together.

  • It’s an heirloom that can be passed down through the generations.

affordable engagement rings

Nothing says forever like a diamond ring. Diamonds are the strongest material known to man, and symbolize your unbreakable bond for eternity.

Unlike other gemstones that can be easily scratched or broken, diamonds will never fade in beauty – making them an ideal choice for engagement rings as they last well beyond the couple’s lifetime.

In fact, passing down an engagement ring is a popular tradition in many cultures and families. It’s a great way to connect each coming generation, starting with you.

Because engagement rings mean so much to a couple, it’s natural that you only want the absolute best. For many, “best” automatically translates to “brand-new,” but this is not always the case– and certainly not when it comes to an engagement ring. 

Myths About Buying Engagement Rings from Pawn Shops

affordable engagement rings

When people think of pawnshops, the first thing that usually comes to mind is that it’s a place to sell valuable items for fast cash. While that’s true, it’s not the only thing pawn shops are good for. 

Because of this, a few myths have cropped up surrounding buying jewelry — especially engagement rings — from a pawn shop. Let’s look at a few:

  • MYTH: Used pawn shop rings contain negative energy. Why would I want that for my marriage?

You may think that only broken engagements and marriages sell their rings, but this is not the case. Many people who are still together opt to buy a new ring for themselves as an update or because they inherited family jewels from someone in the past. Some rings also end up in a pawnshop for the simple reason that retailers want to clear out old stock.

Yes, some rings do get pawned due to failed relationships. But even more, get sold to a pawn shop for great reasons. For some, it might be upgrading to an even more expensive ring with a bigger stone or using money toward savings accounts and vacations. Others sell their ring to buy a new one for vow renewals!

  • MYTH: A pawn shop ring is made of low-quality materials, which is why their previous owners disposed of them in the first place. 

pawnshop engagement rings

That pawn shop jewelry is low-quality is one of the most stubborn myths of all– and one that can cause you to miss out on a fantastic piece! 

For one, a pawnshop only buys jewelry when it’s of excellent quality with real value. Otherwise, it’s not going to make the cut.

In addition, not many people know that many of today’s diamonds are often recycled. This means that a diamond could have been in an engagement ring years ago and be found again as part of someone else’s jewelry decades later. You never know — it’s very possible that a used ring you saw at a pawn shop previously came from a Cartier piece! 

On top of that, the quality of a true diamond ring will never fade, whether you buy it from a pawn shop or not. Regardless if it’s earth-mined, lab-created, or from generations, they will always shine bright like only true diamonds can do – forever.

  • MYTH: You’ll end up with something that looks tacky if you buy a diamond ring from pawn shops.

Engagement rings are meant to last forever, which is why the most popular ones set a diamond in platinum. When people design or buy them with longevity in mind they often go for classic settings like solitaire because it goes with everything and never goes out of style; these are also the ones that more commonly get resold at pawn shops. 

Want to customize the ring even further? You can always re-cut the stones and make them more contemporary! And if you prefer to keep the original design that is fine too because they are still beautiful rings regardless of what time period or era they come from.

The Benefits of Buying an Engagement Ring from a Pawn Shop


Now that we’ve busted some of the most common myths about buying a pawn shop ring, it’s time for the fun part– discovering what makes it such a wonderful option for your proposal!

  • A pawn shop ring is so much cheaper than one from a jewelry store

One of the first questions that arises when asking for someone’s hand in marriage is cost—how many months worth of pay do you need to save up? The stereotype is at least three months’ worth of your salary. But why spend so much on a ring from jewelry stores, when you can buy a fantastic one for a fraction of the price from a pawn shop.

Pawnshop jewelry is a better bargain than original pieces because it’s sold at lower prices. This happens for two reasons: firstly, the items are used or no longer new so they take less of a value hit when bought second-hand.

Secondly, pawn shops accept all types of precious stones and metals to use in handmade design–so you can get gold, silver, and more without paying top dollar!

You also have a chance to purchase branded jewelry items at a lower price. This is because many upscale stores charge higher prices due to their brand reputation and packaging, but when you buy second-hand goods in pawnshops the asking price will be reduced as gold pieces are priced based on value rather than their prestigious label or expensive packaging.

Of course, it’s important to find quality materials and craftsmanship. But starting off your new union with debt isn’t ideal either; all those monthly payments are too much stress on top of everything else married life brings. 

With a pawn shop ring, you can save a lot of money without compromising beauty and quality. Instead, use the extra funds on the wedding itself or your honeymoon!

  • Buying from a pawn shop guarantees a premium quality ring.

When you buy a second-hand diamond ring at a pawn shop, the quality is just as good – if not way better! This means that even though your purchase may be pre-owned, it’s still full of incredible value.

You can find gorgeous diamonds and gems while paying only a fraction of their original price- plus our certified staff inspect each item before letting them go to make sure they are high-quality goods in perfect condition.

  • Pawn shops are a wonderful place to find unique, vintage, but timeless jewelry.

When it comes to the traditional wedding must-haves, “something old,” is always a terrific idea! Pawnshops are perfect for scouting out these beautiful and unique pieces that will add an extra special touch in your bridal ensemble.

In addition, it’s incredibly stylish as well. The use of vintage jewelry is always in style because it adds an exciting backstory to the piece. Many people purchase these pieces for their elegant look that never goes out of style, and they also make great investments when purchased from pawnshops with gold or diamonds.

  • It’s easier and faster to buy from a pawn shop versus a jewelry store.

Many people enjoy purchasing jewelry in pawn shops because of the quick and easy process of acquiring an item. Often, when going to a higher end jewelry store you will find it difficult to get what you want before waiting weeks for any customizations.

Pawn shops have items which are already present so if they catch your fancy, then as soon as payment is collected – that’s where the shopping ends!

Additionally, there are many options for buying jewelry at pawn shops. One of these is the layaway option which lets you make monthly payments to the store until you complete your total purchase price and receive it.

Retail stores have a rigorous process that requires credit checks before they offer any financing, but when customers come into a pawn shop looking to buy jewelry without worrying about their financial background, they will often be given an instant layaway plan with no questions asked!

  • No need to worry about credit checks.

For those with bad credit or no credit at all, finding a diamond ring from a traditional jewelry store can be challenging. Luckily, there are pawn shops that offer the same services without any need for checking your financial history and/or requiring collateral to make sure you’re able to purchase an item in full before taking it home– and that includes the perfect ring for your proposal.

  • Want an eco-friendlier to mark your proposal? Pawn shops are the answer!

Diamonds are delicate and rare, which is why they’re in such high demand. It looks like there’s a problem though: research shows that the production of these items can be harmful to our environment due to deforestation caused by mining sites as well as toxic chemicals used during their extraction process.

When you buy second-hand jewelry items that contain diamonds or gold, not only are you helping reduce the demand for brand new items and reducing your carbon footprint but also empowering people by giving them a chance to make some extra money.

Our pawnshop ensures authenticity of their pieces so there is no need to worry about being scammed while also ensuring quality products with durable materials!

Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring from Pawn Shops

pawnshop rings

Changed your mind about getting your ring from a pawn shop yet? No need to rush into the process! But in case you are (or when you are!), we’re sharing some of our best tips for buying your engagement ring:

  • Do your research.

A pawn shop is a great place to get some good deals on jewelry. If you’re not sure about what type of diamond ring or necklace would suit your tastes, it’s worth going into a jeweler and doing research before heading out for the day.

Make sure that when you arrive at the store, don’t be afraid to ask questions! It will help you find exactly what suits your needs without any hassle – plus there are plenty of bargains waiting just around the corner too!

  • Feel free to negotiate.

Negotiation is one thing that makes pawn shops a favorite among people looking for jewelry. You never know what great deals you can find when shopping at your local pawn shop, and the best part about it all is that there are no pushy salespeople to deal with.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for proof.

wedding proposal

A real diamond ring usually comes with a legitimate record from a gemologist. These records are to certify that these products are original and worth more money than you might think!

When buying at pawn shops, ask for the papers of any rings or necklaces before making your purchase; however, do know that some high-quality items may not have them because they were lost in previous transactions. 

If you really love an item but want it appraised by somebody else first, then be sure to arrange this before finalizing the deal so there’s no pressure on either side when examining each other’s claims about authenticity.

  • Take your time. 

Pawnshops are a goldmine for interesting items. When you go in, don’t be afraid to look around and talk with the staff about what they have available – there might even be something that’s perfect just waiting for someone who’s about to make one of the most important decisions of their life!

You’ll find all sorts of amazing items at these stores, from old artwork by masters to music albums signed by their creators themselves, which you may want to take home along with your ring. So take some time when shopping; it’s well worth your while.

  • Try to stick to your budget.

While hunting for a beautiful piece of engagement jewelry, it is important to remain disciplined. When you find an enticing gem at your favorite pawn shop, don’t go overboard and spend more than what was budgeted out in the beginning.

You can avoid this by setting up a spending limit before going on any hunts together with friends or family members who may be far less sensible when they see something shiny that seems like just their type!

  • Trade in what you have to get what you want.

If you’ve found the perfect proposal ring, but can’t afford the full-price jewelers, don’t worry. You have many options available for getting that special piece without going into debt or taking out an expensive loan.

One option is trading in old jewelry plus some extra cash on hand and using it as collateral against which the pawnbroker will offer credit up to half its value (sometimes more). Another way would be by selling two pieces of similar quality items first before exchanging them with ones fitting your needs better. 

Versatility is one of the best things about buying from a pawn shop instead of a jewelry store, so please don’t be afraid to talk to us in order to explore your options!

  • Make sure to work with a reputable pawn shop.

To make sure you get the perfect diamond ring, do not take any shortcuts. Only use a pawn shop that is reputable and will be happy to work with your needs for verification or paperwork if needed! Read online reviews before visiting so you are aware of their reputation beforehand.

Clark Pawners and Jewelers: Mark Your Engagement with the Perfect Ring

engagement rings lower cost

When it comes to the love of your life, finding that perfect engagement ring is a thrilling and exciting experience. Contrary to popular belief, there are no set rules when shopping for a ring for your proposal; you should feel free in choosing one that reflects how much you care about them- and cost should not hold you back! 

Come visit Clark Pawners & Jewelers where our caring staff will help guide you on this journey with any budget range in mind. We look forward to seeing what unforgettable piece speaks most clearly from within your heart!

Clark Pawners & Jewelers is your trusted pawn shop in Chicago. We buy and sell jewelry, diamonds, gold and more, aside from offering cash loans.

Clark Pawners & Jewelers

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