A Complete Guide on How to Measure Ring Size 

 May 29, 2021

By  Clark Pawners & Jewelers

In shopping for engagement rings, wedding bands, or any kind of ring, it is important that you know the accurate ring size before you purchase a ring. The wrong ring size may ruin a very special moment, so here you shall learn how to measure ring size accurately.

engagement ring size

Nowadays, rings are mostly used by couples to prove their unending love for each other. We usually see rings at a wedding, or an engagement party.

Rings may also be used to signify loyalty to an organization that a person belongs in. There are also people who like gathering different kinds of rings to add to their jewelry collection. 

Imagine a man proposing to the love of his life asking him to marry her, but when she answers “Yes”, the ring does not fit perfectly. Uh – oh!

How frustrating that must be. In purchasing engagement rings and wedding rings, make sure you find a ring that fits perfectly on your beau’s fingers.

Don’t worry, this ring size guide will help you in making sure that you find the ring with the perfect fit for your loved one. We will assist you in your search to determine the correct ring size

Things To Keep in Mind Before You Measure Your Ring Size

Before you begin to measure your ring size, you must first pick the finger on which you want to wear the ring. You must remember that the fingers on your dominant hand tend to be larger than those on your non dominant hand. 

Another thing to remember when shopping for rings is to ensure that your finger is at its normal size before taking a measurement. There are many factors that may affect the size of your fingers like the cold weather, certain food, medication, or illness.

How Is A Ring Supposed To Fit?

The ring should fit snug around the base of the finger. It should not be too tight, or too loose. It should fit without any bulging or any indentation marks. 

To check if it fits correctly, you can simply push the ring up from the underneath part. There should be a small space between the ring and the finger to ensure that there is enough room.

According to a popular jewelry store in Brooklyn, the ring should fit the finger comfortably. It should be tight enough that it won’t fall off, but loose enough that it can slide off the knuckle with some resistance.

How To Measure Ring Size at Home

1.Printable ring sizer

If you happen to have a printer with you, you can easily measure your ring size at home. We highly recommend our printable ring sizer, which can get you the most accurate measurement.

Once you have printed it out on paper, all you need to do is to cut the printable ring sizer, and wrap it around the finger where you want to put the ring. You will easily find your ring size by taking note of where the end of the ring sizer overlaps with the other end.

2.String or Paper Strip

To measure your ring size using a string, all you need to do is to take a piece of string and wrap it around the finger, making sure it is close to the knuckle. You may use a ribbon, thread, or a thin paper strip.

Using a pen, mark the spot where the string overlaps with its end. You may now hold it up to a ruler which has millimeter measurements.

3.A ring that you currently wear

There is another tool that you can use to find your correct ring size. You also use any ring that you have to measure your ring size. You will just need a ruler to measure the inside diameter. 

These are the three easiest ways to find your ring size at home. However, there are other ways like buying a ring sizer from your trusted jewelry shop. There is also a readily available size chart online where you can search your ring size.

The Ring Size Chart

You may refer to the official international ring size chart to know what size your ring is based on the diameter around the base of your finger.

Inside Diameter MM Inside Diameter Inches USA Canada Mexico Ring Size UK Ireland Australia New Zealand South Africa Ring Size Germany France Ring Size Spain Italy Ring Size Japan China India South America Ring Size
15 mm 0.59 4 H 46.8 6,5 7
15.3 mm 0.60 4.5 I 48 8 8
15.6 mm 0.62 5 J 49.3 9,5 9
16.2 mm 0.63 5.5 K 50.6 10,5 10
16.6 mm 0.65 6 L 51.9 12 11
16.9 mm 0.67 6.5 M 53.1 13,5 13
17.2 mm 0.68 7 N 54.4 14,5 14
17.8 mm 0.70 7.5 O 55.7 16 15
18.1 mm 0.71 8 P 57 17 16
18.5 mm 0.73 8.5 Q 58.3 18,5 17
19.1 mm 0.75 9 R 59.5 20 18
19.4 mm 0.76 9.5 S 60.8 21 19
19.7 mm 0.78 10 T 62.1 22,5 20
20.4 mm 0.79 10.5 U 63.4 23,5 22
20.7 mm 0.81 11 V 64.6 25 23
21.0 mm 0.83 11.5 W 65.9 26 24
21.6 mm 0.84 12 X 67.2 27,5 25
22.0 mm 0.86 12.5 Y 68.5 29 26
22.3 mm 0.87 13 Z 69.7 30 27
22.9 mm 0.89 13.5 Z+2 71 32
23.2 mm 0.91 14 Z+3 72.3 33
23.6 mm 0.92 14.5 Z+4 73.6 34,5
24.0 mm 0.94 15 Z+5 74.8 35

Ring sizing is different for every continent or country, but let us focus on the ring sizing in the US.

In the US, the sizes of the rings follow a scale of numbers and half numbers. For adults, ring sizes range from 3 to 13.5. For women, it ranges from size 3 to 9. On the other hand, men’s rings are usually size 8 to 14.

These sizes actually match the width of your finger in millimeters. It is always best to find the exact measurements before you purchase an engagement ring or wedding bands. Rings usually cost a lot of money, make sure to have the correct size before coming to your favorite jewelry shop.

For clients who are overseas, we have provided the corresponding ring sizes on the ring size chart above. You may easily determine your size with a quick look at our sizing chart.

Our Ring Size Calculator

If that still is not enough, here is our ring size calculator. Here you need to measure the inside diameter and inside circumference

Ring Size Converter

Tips To Keep in Mind to Find Your Ring Size

1. The size of your finger changes throughout the day. The warmer you are, the bigger it will be. On the other hand, if you are cold, they will be smaller. It is best to measure your ring size when you are a bit warm. This will ensure that the ring is always going to fit.

2. Your dominant hand will always be slightly bigger than the other. That is why you should measure each finger individually.

3. There are people who have a bigger knuckle than the base of the finger. For these instances, measure the widest point and the base. You will then pick a size that is in between both.

4. When you use a string or a strip of paper to measure, make sure that it does not get loose. Also, do not pull it too tight. Doing either of the two will skew the size of your ring. This is also true when you use a ring sizer.

5. For accuracy, measure your finger 3 to 4 times. You need to be sure that the ring sizing is accurate. 

6. Like what we said earlier, you may also measure the inside of your current ring. The inside diameter of your rings can be used to find your ring size. 

how to measure ring size

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I ordered the wrong ring size online?

We created this ring size guide to help you choose the right thing. However, if it does not fit, don’t worry. We will get you the right ring that fits.

How big is a size 7 ring?

Size 7 is a common ring size for women. It is 17.3 millimeters in diameter. You may refer to the ring size chart above.

What is the average ring size for a woman?

The average size for women’s rings is size 7. It is also the most popular. However, it ranges from size 6 to 8.

How much is a wedding ring?

On average, a wedding band costs $510. This may be more, depending on the preferences of the couple. The cost of a man and a woman’s wedding ring varies. Usually, the woman’s wedding band is more expensive.

How do you take care of a ring?

Clean it regularly. You may let it sit for a few hours, even overnight. Then, you may gently scrub the stone, if it has a stone, with a soft-bristled brush. 

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