Where to Sell Your Watch for Cash in Chicago: Top Places Reviewed 

 July 10, 2024

By  Clark Pawners & Jewelers

Living in a vibrant city like Chicago sometimes means needing to turn possessions into cash. If you have a watch you never wear, consider selling it to get cash for watches. However, navigating the world of purchasing watches can be tricky. Make sure you get a good price and deal with a reputable business.

This blog discusses some of the top places where you can sell watches for cash in Chicago, providing evaluations to make it easier for you to choose.

What to Consider Before Selling Your Watch

Before approaching any buyer, here are some key factors to consider:

  • Condition: A clean, well-maintained watch is worth more than a scratched or non-functional one. Gather any service history documents to add value.
  • Brand and Model: Top dollar is usually paid for luxury brands such as Rolex, Omega, and Patek Philippe. Research to understand your watch’s market value.
  • Current Market Trends: Certain watch styles or features might be more in demand, affecting the price.

Top Places to Sell Watches for Cash in Chicago

Here’s a breakdown of reputable Chicago businesses that buy watches for cash:

1. Clark Pawners & Jewelers (W Diversey Ave) With over 100 years of experience, Clark Pawners & Jewelers is the best in the business. This family-owned establishment specializes in high-value items and offers a fair, stress-free selling process. Clients consistently praise their expertise, transparency, and exceptional customer service, making them the top choice for selling luxury watches in Chicago.


  • Over 100 years of experience
  • Family-owned with a stellar reputation
  • Specializes in high-value items
  • Fair and stress-free selling process
  • Expert evaluations from certified professionals
  • Competitive pricing
  • Instant cash offers
  • No credit checks
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Secure and private transactions

2. Gold Exchange (Multiple Locations) A Chicago chain known for their honest and transparent transactions. They have multiple locations throughout the city for your convenience.


  • Might not offer the highest price compared to other options

3. Online Watch Buyers There are numerous online platforms dedicated to buying and selling watches. Here are two options to consider:

  • WatchBox: A well-established online marketplace specializing in pre-owned luxury watches. They offer secure transactions and competitive prices. However, the selling process might take longer than in-person options.
    • Cons: Selling process might take longer, greater risk of scams or fraud with online transactions
  • Cash for Watches: An online platform that allows you to receive an instant quote for your watch. They claim a fast and straightforward selling process, but be sure to research their reputation and reviews before proceeding.
    • Cons: Greater risk of scams or fraud with online transactions

4. Watch Consignment Shops Consignment shops act as intermediaries, selling watches for cash on your behalf for a commission. This can be a good option for luxury timepieces.

  • James Allen Jewelers (Oakbrook Terrace): A high-end jeweler offering watch consignment services. Their expertise can ensure your watch reaches the right buyer and fetches a good price.
    • Cons: Longer waiting period to receive your money, commission fees reduce your final payout

5. Watch Auctions Selling your watch at an auction can be a good option for rare or vintage pieces. However, this route requires more effort and involves auction house fees.

  • Leslie Hindman Auctioneers (Westmont): A reputable auction house known for handling high-value collectibles, including luxury watches.
    • Cons: Time-consuming process, upfront fees, no guarantee your watch will sell

Getting the Best Price for Your Watch

Below are some tips on how to maximize your return regardless of the option you choose:

  • Get quotes from multiple buyers: Don’t settle for the first offer you receive.
  • Know your watch’s value: Research comparable models online to understand market prices.
  • Present your watch well: Clean and polish your watch, and include any original box or paperwork.
  • Negotiate: Be prepared to negotiate the price, especially when dealing with pawn shops.


Selling a watch for cash in Chicago offers a way to unlock the value of your timepiece. By considering the above factors and researching established buyers, you can ensure a profitable and fair deal.

Need cash fast and have a watch you no longer wear? Look no further than Clark Pawners! We’re Chicago’s favorite pawn shop, offering top dollar for unwanted valuables like luxury watches. Our experts will assess your timepiece and give you a fair, competitive price on the spot. No credit check needed, and you walk away with cash in hand. Don’t settle for low online offers or mailing your watch away – visit Clark Pawners today and turn your watch into instant cash!

Contact Information:

Phone: 773-974-3533
Email: clark.pawn@gmail.com

Clark Pawners & Jewelers is your trusted pawn shop in Chicago. We buy and sell jewelry, diamonds, gold and more, aside from offering cash loans.

Clark Pawners & Jewelers

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