Why Are Diamonds So Expensive? 

 December 28, 2020

By  Clark Pawners & Jewelers

Diamonds are a sign of wealth, power, and status for centuries. In fact, during the early times, diamonds portray strength and expression of love’s worth. But have you asked yourself why? Why are diamonds so expensive? Here are some of the reasons why these precious diamonds cost so much.

Natural Diamonds with High-Clarity are Rare

why are diamonds so expensive

We all know that the price of a diamond depends on its clarity, carat, cut, and size. If you’re talking about natural diamonds with the highest clarity, it’s undoubtedly rare to find this type, and it is expected to be very expensive.

If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Blood Diamond’ by Leonardo de Caprio, you can see what miners have to go through. Even the smallest piece of diamond counts. There are only 35 countries in the world that have known diamond resources, making it more scarce.

Natural diamonds are nature’s gift. It is a result of pressure and intense heat formed for billions of years. Diamonds are formed between 1 billion to 3.5 billion years ago.

What is equally interesting to know is that they are formed deep into the earth’s mantle, about 100 miles to even 500 miles deep. They are just brought closer to the surface by volcanic eruptions.

Thus, the explanation is simple: the lesser supply, the rare find, the more expensive it will be.

Bigger Diamonds Are Harder to Find

The carat of a diamond is its weight, and we all know the bigger the diamond weighs, the more expensive it is. Diamonds are rare to find, and bigger diamonds are more difficult to find, so expect them to be more expensive.

These natural diamonds are formed 100-500 miles deep in the core of the Earth. Some of these are closer to the Earth’s surface as a product of volcanic eruptions.

Large diamonds are expected to have more visible flaws, higher clarity, and rare to find. That’s why these big precious diamonds are harder to find. 

The Cutting Process is Extensive

Both natural and lab-grown diamonds need to be cut into a certain shape, faceted, and polished. The cutting process is extensive and will take time, and that’s another reason why diamonds are so expensive.

The process of cutting a diamond includes sawing and cleaning the diamond using a laser or a steel blade. The uncut diamond is placed in a cement mold or wax to hold it in place, then is cleaved on its tetrahedral plane (the weakest point). If the diamond has no weak point, it is sawed.

For a diamond stone to exhibit its maximum brilliance, it needs to be cut with such precision. These proportions capture the light; that’s why you can see diamonds sparkle. The more detailed these proportions are, the more extensive work was done, and the more expensive it’s going to be.

That is why diamonds are precious stones that are so expensive. As you can see in the whole process of creating a piece of diamond jewelry, the process is tough. From finding it and cutting it, everything in between takes time, patience, precision, and is a true art.

Where to Buy Affordable Diamonds

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